Whats up skaters I am not a skater but I love the sport. it is one of my favorite forms of entertainment I own all the tony hawk games except the ew one, proving ground if you are u familiar with these games they are a mix of fiction and the world of having a skating career and the new one has the best features:you can create your own park (more advanced than before) and create and edit your skate videos and send them to sponcers. also there is a new game on the market named skate which is a fantastic game but EA only put it on X box those punks. well anyway, tell me about your skate experiances and what you think about which games you think are best tony hawk or skate and send me videos of you skating at mydogsowner1@yahoo.com I['d love to see what you got and i'll respond to you by sending you an e mail or posting my response on the blog comments or posts so go and SKATE.



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A dress is like a barbed fence. It protects the premises without restricting the view. Do you think so?

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