feb 02/08/2008

hey ppl are you feelin good well tell me about it, no one leaves comments or stuff so you do that jk have fun


now you can email me your yo mama jokes,post then on the comments of this post or become friends with me at myspace just go to myspace search email type mydogsowner1@yahoo.com and your connected brotha so do it now even if its not funny i'll still post it so come on email me, post it, become friends with me whatever just do it now please i wanta now its hard remembering all these yo mama jokes, oh yeah i dont cheat by using joke sites, so feel free to send me emails even if you spam i ll now your a mistake with no life so we both win either way.

myspizace 11/29/2007

hi what have you been up to? well i havent donee anything but if you want go check out myspace and find me under INCARN8ED and be my friend tell me what you want on the site or just email me at mydogsowner1@yahoo.com

no viruses 11/08/2007

hey there was a person who left a comment saying that i put viruses in my site well i swear to you that there is no virus and i think the person is joeboe,he leaves viruses and i left rude remarks on his site saying stuff about it but he framed another person on another site as his site address.so if my music had viruses then my computer would have them because i listen to them all the time



sorry 11/03/2007

sorry about the loss of games but there will be new ones and old ones on the new setup, some of the games I noticed give off really annoying sounds so what i'm doing is setting up links from the regular games pages and giving each game its own page so you don't have to be sitting and playing and you keep hearing " from the creators of blaa,blaa,blaa" so leave your comments on this here.-----------------hope you enjoy.

other websites 10/25/2007

lately i have seen other websites on weebly and they are FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! so check them out at www.wowInfO.weebly.com
and also www.mypuppyspages.weebly.com


Leave some comments what am i sopost to do with out comments
like i said i love to her from you so im going to leave my email.(mydogsowner1@yahoo.com

First Post! 10/18/2007

Ok this is my site blog. and i don't care about you people who think my spelling and grammer suck.If you care so much then you make a site and see how freak'in hard it is.
not meaning to be rude lets get started. I want you to tell me what  you want on this site and if I can do it I will. Because without you I'm screwed. I mean what was the freakin point of making the site if no one views it. boy would that have been a waste of time. so leave some comments ouh yeah, for all you first time viewers leave comments about the map crap on your blog comments. so yeah