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Links to the greatest websites to get your equipment.

360 Systems - Hard Disk-Based Digital Audio Recorders/Players.
Acoustic First - Materials to control sound and eliminate noise.
AKG - Microphones & Headphones.
Alesis - Recorders, Mixers, Processors, Synthesizers, Monitors, Amplifiers.
American Micro Industries - Soundproof studio foam and other soundproofing accessories.
Antares Audio - Auto-tune processors for pitch correction.
Anthro - Modular Computer Furniture.
Aphex - Exciters, Compressors, Equalizers.
Argosy Console - Studio Furniture.
Ashly Audio - Mixers, Crossovers, Equalizers, Amplifiers.
Audix - Microphones.
Auralex Acoustics - Sound & Noise materials for the studio.
BBE Sound - Sonic Maximizer Processors.
Behringer - Mixers, Recorders, Processors, Equalizers.
Big Fish Audio - Sample Libraries.
Bitheadz - Professional Music Software.
Bryco Products - Storage Racks and Cabinets.
Cakewalk - Music & Sound Software for Windows.
Carillon - Music Computer Systems.
Carvin Manufacturing - Guitars, Basses, Mixers, Amplifiers, Sound Systems.
CreamWare - DSP and Modeling Software.
Crest Audio - Mixers, Speakers, Amplifiers.
Dana B. Goods - Guitars, Basses, Amps.
dbx - Pro Audio Processors.
Denon Electronics USA - Professional Recorders & Headphones.
Digidesign - Digital Recording Hardware & Software.
Disk Makers - CD, Cassette & Vinyl Manufacturing.
Earthworks - Microphones, Preamps, Monitors.
Edirol - Desktop Media Production Tools.
Emagic - Software & Hardware for Digital Audio Production.
E-MU - Keyboards, Samplers, Sound Modules.
Eventide - Harmonizers and Effects Processors.
Fairlight - Digital Recorders, Mixers, DAWs.
FMR Audio - Great compressor under $200.
Focusrite - High-end Mic Preamps and Compressors.
Fostex - Digital Recorders, Monitors, Headphones.
Furman Sound - Power Conditioners and Regulators.
Gefen - Connectivity and sound effects solutions.
Generalmusic - Digital Keyboards and Pro Audio.
Gulbransen - MIDI sensor strip for piano/organ.
Hafler - Amplifiers & Monitors.
HHB - Recorders, Monitors, Tube Processors.
Hosa Tech - Cables, Adapters, Accessories.
JBL - Monitors & Loudspeakers.
Jensen Transformers - Transformers & Direct Boxes.
Joemeek - Compressors, Mic Preamps, Equalizers.
Korg - Keyboards & Digital Recorders.
KRK Systems - Monitors.
Kurzweil - Keyboards, Modules, Effects Processors.
Lexicon - Signal Processors.
Mackie Designs - Mixers, Monitors, Digital Recorders.
Mark of the Unicorn - Audio/MIDI Hardware, Synchronizers, Pro Software.
M-Audio - Monitors, MIDI, Mixers, Mics, Preamps.
Middle Atlantic - Studio Furniture, Racks, Enclosures.
Midiman - MIDI-Related Equipment.
MilesTek - Racks, Cabinets, Power, Tools, Networking.
Neumann USA - Microphones.
NHT Pro - Monitors & Loudspeakers.
Nigel B - Studio Rack Furniture.
Nord - Digital Musical Instruments.
Novation - Digital Musical Instruments.
Omnirax - Studio Furniture and Racks.
PAiA - Low-cost, user-assembled kits for the studio.
Panasonic Pro Audio Group - Mixers, Speakers, Amps, D/As.
Popless Voice Screens - Mic pop screens.
PreSonus - Mic Preamps and Dynamics Processors.
QSC Audio Products - Amplifiers, Signal Processors, Speakers.
Quantegy - Blank Media for Audio/Video/Data.
Quik Lok - Stands and support for studio and stage.
Ramsey - Audio, test and hobby electronics kits.
Rane - Compressors, Limiters, EQ, Headphone Amps, Mixers, Preamps.
Raxxess - Studio Furniture, Racks, Stands.
Rode Microphones - Microphones.
Roland - Musical Instruments, Digital Recorders, Processors, Speakers, Drums, Sound Reinforcement, Instrument Amps.
Sabine - Wireless Mic Systems, Feedback Eliminators, Signal Processors, Tuners, Metronomes, Riff Recorders.
Samson - Wireless Systems, EQ, Headphones, Mics, Loudspeakers, Mixers, Power Amps, Power Distribution, Audio Processors.
Sennheiser Electronic Instruments - Mics, Headphones and Wireless Systems.
Shure - Mics, Wireless Systems, In-Ear Monitors, Mixers.
Sony - Recorders and Signal Processors.
Spacewise - Studio Furniture.
Steinberg - Computer-Based Audio Production Software.
Synhouse - MIDI Retrofit for Analog Synthesizers.
Tannoy - Active & Passive Monitors, Subwoofers.
Tascam - Analog & Digital Recorders, Digital Mixers.
TC Electronics - Signal Processors, A/D, D/A, Compressors.
TC Works - Audio Production Software and Plug-ins.
Ultimate Ears - Personal Monitoring Systems.
Ultimate Support Systems - Stage & Studio Racks, Stands, Furniture.
Winsted Furniture Systems - Studio Furniture Systems.
Yamaha - Digital, Analog Recorders & Mixers, Musical Instruments, Power Amps, Signal Processors, Headphones, Computer Drives.
Yorkville Sound - Loudspeakers, Mixers, Power & Instrument Amps.
Zoom - Digital Recorders, Signal Processors, Drum Machines, Rhythm Machines, Guitar Amp/Cabinet Modelers.


8th Street Music
Acoustical Solutions - Sound and Noise Reduction Products.
American Music
American Musical Supply
Audio Village
Big City Music
Broadcast Supply Worldwide
Caruso Music
Daddy's Junky Music
Filament Audio
Full Compass
Grandma's Music & Sound
Guitar Center
HTICS Pro Audio
Industrial Liquidators
Interstate Music
Kraft Music
L & M Music
Lentine's Music
Manny's Music
Musician's Friend
Music Go Round - Buy, Sell or Trade used Music and Recording Equipment.
Music Hot Bid
New Music Equipment - Online Instrument and Equipment Store, lowest prices and secure online shopping.
Oak Tree Enterprises
Odyssey Pro Sound
PJ Electronics - Specializing in selling Music Software, Hardware, and complete systems for today’s home musician.
Pro Audio Toys - ADK Microphones, Sytek Preamps, RealTraps Acoustic Treatment, and studio equipment you may not find in other pro audio stores.
ProCo Sound
Rehoboth Beach Music
Rogue Music
Sam Ash
Shreve Audio
Silent Source
Sweetwater Sound
The Electric Keyboard
The Starving Musician
Universal Recording Supplies
West L.A. Music
Westlake Audio


All Electronics
BTX (Bi-Tronics)
Electronix Express
Gateway Electronics
Green Dot Audio Electronics
Jameco Electronics
Marlin P. Jones & Associates
MCM Electonics
Parts Express
Tech America


Acoustic Guitar
Guitar World
Guitar Player
Bass Player
Blues Freepress Publishing
Computer Music
Electronic Musician
Home Recording
Modern Drummer
Pro Audio Review
Pro Sound News
Sound On Sound
Tape Op - Free magazine covers tape-based recording.


All About Analog Tape Recorders.
All Things MiniDisc - Covers everything related to MiniDisc.
Atoms - A candid look at the UK music scene.
Audio Courses for Studio Recording
Audio Engineering Calculators - Online calculators for solving Audio Engineering problems and calculations.
Audio Engineering Society - Professional Society for Audio Engineers.
Audio Recording Center - Resource for analog, digital, home demo, sound software, studios and other recording information.
Caig Laboratories - Chemicals for your studio equipment.
Cassette House - Source for blank recording media.
Chorus & Verse - Covers all things music.
CompuFind Schematics - Source for schematics.
Conservatory of Recording Arts) - Institution for Audio Education in Arizona.
Country Grapevine - Bluegrass, Gospel, Acoustic, Nashville and all things related to Country Music.
Digital Audio World - Digital audio and recording articles, equipment recommendations.
Digital Music Museum - Digital Music Museum profiles over 50 of the leading portable MP3 players on the market.
Dolby Labs - Professional/Consumer noise reduction systems.
Electrical Engineering & Computer Calculators - Online calculators for solving Electrical Engineering, Computer problems and calculations.
Free City Media - Independent music label and online ezine.
Gain Staging Course at GSU - Excellent free online course explaining mixer gain staging.
Guitar Effects Web Page
GuitarSite - Up to date online source for guitarists & guitar lovers.
Harmony Central - Huge site for music and recording.
Head Fidelity - Site dedicated to headphones and portable audio.
HeadWize - Headphone resource site.
Heart of the Rock - Focuses on melodic rock music.
Hi-Fi/Sound Calculators - Online calculators for solving HI-Fi/Sound problems and calculations.
Home Recording Connection - Excellent resource for the recording musician, recording tips and an active message forum.
Ilikemusic - Online ezine that gets insider views of the music scene.
Long Sought for Sound - Recording services, pre-amp sales and more. Check out their section on home made studio construction.
Mac Music - Music, Audio, MIDI for the Mac computer.
Mediatechnics - CD and DVD automated duplication equipment and services.
MIDI Farm - Great source for MIDI information.
MIDI World - Resource for all things MIDI.
Mid-Ocean School of Media Arts - Private vocational school offering audio production full and part-time courses.
Modern Recording - Premier site for Audio & Sound.
MP3 Encoders & Decoders
Music123 - Musical instruments and reviews.  Lowest price guarantee, free shipping on many items.
Music Industry News Network - Music & Recording Industry News.
Music Machines - Home of Music Electronica.
Musical Discoveries - Site dedicated to female vocalists.
Musicians Earplugs
Musicians Exchange Used Gear - Huge site for musicians including buying used gear.
Musicians Tech Central - Music and Recording information.  Excellent resource for home recording information.
National Association for Music Education
New & Used Gear Search Tool - Find your gear here.
New Gear Search Tool - New gear search tool.
NewMusicBox - Ezine covering everything in American Music.
Nuts & Volts Magazine - Subscribe to this magazine to learn more about electronics.
PC Power and Cooling - Solutions for powering and cooling your PC computer.
Prepal Used Equipment Prices - Tracks 3500 used equipment prices.
Recording Connection - Provides on-the-job training in major recording studios.
Recycler - Forum to buy and sell used equipment.
SAE Institute of Technology - Educational Institution for Audio and Multimedia.
Sams Photofacts - Great source for equipment schematics.
SD Technical Books - Bookstore dedicated to technical issues.
Smarthome - Security and surveillance equipment.
Soundcheck - Site in Denmark covering Instruments & Equipment.
Sound Ideas & Westar Music - Professional quality royalty-free sound effects for motion picture sound, game developers, multimedia, video, sound and music design, radio, television, and web developers.
Studio At Home - Board for Audio Homestudio Users.
Studiofreaks - Music & Synth site in Belgium.
Studio Recording Engineer - Instruction program for your PC.
Synth Zone - Synthesizer & Electronic Music Production Resource. - Modular Analog Music Synthesizer Source.
Synthfool (Kevin Lightner's Site) - Great source of info on all things synthesizer.
TAXI - A&R Company helping unsigned bands, artists and songwriters get record deals, publishing deals, placement in films and TV shows.
The Synthmuseum - Vintage Synthesizers.
WholeNote - Online Guitar Community - everything guitars.
X-10 - Security and surveillance equipment.